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Watch WWE RAW 12/12/16 – December 12th 2016 – 12/12/16








WWE Raw 12/12/16

The New Day face tough title defense in Triple Threat Match

Raw Tag Team Champions The New Day are on the cusp of becoming the longest reigning tandem titleholders in WWE history
— in fact, they tie Demolition’s record at midnight after Monday’s Raw — but first they’ll need to get past Sheamus
& Cesaro and Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.
Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E have beaten the odds before, sometimes by bending the rules.
However, with a record on the line, the stakes have perhaps never been higher for the Booty-O’s chomping trio.
Can The Power of Positivity propel The New Day into the record books?

Iron sharpens iron as Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair aim to settle the score

One week after Sasha Banks dedicated her third Raw Women’s Championship victory over Charlotte Flair to
Ric Flair — The Queen’s father — the bitter former titleholder used a faux “public apology” to humiliate her dad,
leading to a brawl that left The Boss battered in the middle of the ring.
The incident came just moments after we learned that Sasha will defend her title against Charlotte in a 30-Minute
WWE Iron Man Match at Roadblock: End of the Line, a bout that will serve as the decisive and perhaps final battle
of one of The New Era’s most personal rivalries.
After being laid out by The Queen Monday night, will The Boss retaliate this week, live in Philadelphia?

“Best friends” no more?

The saga between Chris Jericho and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens has taken some strange turns as of late,
but after The Prizefighter inadvertently cost the curator of “The List” a potential United States Championship win
against Roman Reigns, it’s hard to believe that reconciliation is in the cards.
Six days before Owens defends his title against The Big Dog at Roadblock: End of the Line, and as Jericho goes
into battle against Seth Rollins at that event on Sunday, Dec. 18, will “The Kevin Owens Show” bring us a cast reunion, or is Jeri-KO finished?

The Emmalina makeover is here!

After weeks of speculation, Emma’s makeover to Emmalina will finally premiere on Raw! Although it’s difficult to
extract anything concrete from the promotional videos that have recently aired during Raw, it’s easy to assume
that Emma’s transformation is something the WWE Universe won’t want to miss. How will the debut of Emmalina
impact the Women’s division on Team Red?

Enzo Amore checks in, but he doesn’t check out

Thinking he was in store for an amorous hotel room rendezvous with Lana — whose relationship with her husband Rusev
was seemingly on the rocks — Enzo Amore instead fell victim to a savage beating by The Bulgarian Brute, who mauled
the unsuspecting Enzo and left him barely conscious in the hallway.
How will “Muscles Marinara” and his partner, Big Cass, respond to this sinister sneak attack this coming Monday night?

Will Mick Foley give Sami Zayn his match with Braun Strowman?

Showing utter disregard for his own wellbeing, Sami Zayn continues to defy Raw General Manager Mick Foley in pursuit
of a match against the imposing Braun Strowman. However, thus far he’s been unsuccessful in convincing The Hardcore Legend
that’s he is up to the task — especially given his recent encounters with The Monster Among Men.
After suffering defeat at the hands of longtime foe and reigning WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens last Monday night
, The Underdog from the Underground is undoubtedly more determined than ever to get what he wants, despite the risks it presents.
Will we soon see Zayn go up against The Abominable Strowman as he has previously demanded? Is Zayn’s desire courageous or, as Foley has suggested, foolish?


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